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My interests are simple: coffee, workouts, and being outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. There’s nothing like getting up early to photograph the sun rising over the CT shoreline. I enjoy taking high school senior portraits, lifestyle newborn photography, and capturing family gatherings in beautiful settings. My goal as a family photographer in Connecticut is to provide easy and comfortable portrait sessions as well as timeless, lasting images.

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October, 2019 – Personal Project {Old Saybrook, CT Photographer}

Personal Project

October, 2019 has come to a close, and here are my images for my personal project for this year – Project 52.

For this project, I post one image a week to my Instagram account, with every month having a different theme. You may click on any of the following links and then can see the images for the corresponding month.

The theme for October, 2019 was “self-portraits.”

Oh boy. When I heard the theme for October, 2019 was self-portraits, I felt a mixture of dread, as well as a feeling of excited determination. Probably more dread though. 🙂 By far, self-portraiture is the hardest genre of photography for me.

Webster dictionary defines a self-portaits as “a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.” But it’s different than doing a selfie with your cell phone. The camera is often set up on a tripod for this. It’s difficult to grab focus, because when I dial in the settings on my camera, there isn’t anything to focus on, until I get in the frame! I have to put something where I will be in order to grab focus. As you can see, it’s a bit of a pain. 🙂

But the hardest part is trying to be natural and relaxed. At least it is for me. Luckily, the group of photographers I am doing this project with, provided me lots of inspiration and tips. I played music for one, and danced for another. I cheated, just a bit, by including my husband in one, then my girls in another. However, since the focus was on me, and what I am about, I felt it was still a self-portrait.

So here I am, and I think I played it on the safe side. My journey in self-portraiture is something I would like to continue, and learn to express more emotion and creativity in my images.

I always like to pick my favorite image of the month for my project, but I can’t this month. I like them all. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by. <3

october 2019 personal project - self portait, old saybrook, CT photographer
I played music with the one and the next, and actually really enjoyed it and felt good about it!

october 2019 personal project - self portait, old saybrook, CT photographer

self-portait of a woman and her husband, old saybrook, CT lifestyle photographer
I have seen these kinds of self-portaits, done with your significant other, in one way or another.
Again, had a lot of fun with this one too.
woman sitting on a beach, october 2019 personal project - self portait, old saybrook, CT photographer
This one was way harder to capture than it looks! Was trying to convey how much I love the water and the sunshine.
Its my Vitamin Sea. 🙂
three women smiling, Old Saybrok, CT family photographer
My beautiful girls obliged me with some portraits.

mother and her daughters walking together, Connecticut shoreline lifestyle photographer

october 2019 personal project - self portait, old saybrook, CT photographer
For this one, and the next, I was trying to convey how much I love getting dressed up. Usually I am either wearing scrubs or workout clothes, but love to wear dresses whenever I can. And I hardly wear any make-up, but love Ulta, and wearing make-up done properly.
I love to feel beautiful.
october 2019 personal project - self portait, old saybrook, CT photographer

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Linda Sobolewski is an on-location, natural-light, professional photographer specializing in seniorsbabyfamily & children photography.

Linda Sobolewski Photography is based out of Old Saybrook, CT and serves the Connecticut shoreline and surrounding areas.

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  1. Anita Ford says:

    Those all look wonderful! I love your photos.

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