A Very Warm Welcome

I am so excited to be photographing your family!

Welcome to my booked newborn client page. Over the next few weeks/months I will be prepping for your session. For me that means keeping my gear tuned up, continuing to shoot daily to hone my skills, and answering any questions you might have!

You may have popped over to my newborn portfolio already to check out some past clients and gather ideas. Take a look at a few resources below to check out in preparation for your newborn session.

Linda xo

Session Specifics

Think about what you want me to capture.

Any must have images?

What's most important to your family for this session?

Don't know what you want? That's ok too!

Session Outfits

Begin planning your family outfit.

Neutrals and light colors photograph well indoors.

Neutrals and small patterns look great on newborns.

Barefoot looks best in a lifestyle session.

Session Location

Start to think about your home.

Which rooms have good natural light?

How can visible clutter be reduced?

Focus efforts on the nursery (if you have one) the mater bedroom and the living room.

Yay! The day has arrived! Parents can sometimes feel ultra-stressed on the day of, after all, trying to do anything with a new baby on little sleep feels overwhelming...to say the least! The biggest tip I can give is: try not to feel stressed. Easier said than done, I know!

If you have a big sibling, they might be really hyper at your session. This is a common reaction to a new sibling. What feels chaotic to you during your session will capture just fine on my camera. Rambunctious energy is welcomed and so much better than robotic smiles! Kids feed off their parents energy, so try to keep the mood relaxed and calm, and don't stress about anyone's behavior.

On The Day Of Your Session

  • While it’s nice to have a fed and sleepy baby for your session, this is not always the case. If they need feeding or changing during the session, think of it as part of the story!
  • Focus any cleaning energy on these spaces: master bed/side table, living room/couch area, nursery (if there is one). Don’t worry about any other areas!\
  • If your master bed comforter is dark or a large pattern, it may not photograph wonderfully. A neutral quilt/comforter, just a white sheet, or the inside duvet insert work as alternate options! Lighter colored clothing works best inside.
  • Newborns look great in simple onesies or rompers. Make sure we can see their tiny feet and hands! Just a diaper works wonderfully too.
  • Plan to have a couple favorite swaddle blankets picked out for swaddled images.
  • I recommend bare feet for everyone at newborn sessions!


My sessions are very relaxed and baby-led. When I first arrive, we will see how baby is (sleeping, awake, fussy, or chill). If baby is relaxed and sleeping we may begin with portraits of the baby alone in their crib or on your bed. If they are fussy or hungry, we can start in parents arms or feeding images. There is no right or wrong flow!

If big sibling is having a hard time, time to think of something that will not bring their attention back to the family or baby. Do they like to wrestle? A special song? Would they listen to you tell them a story? I don't recommend using any media like television or youtube, as it can be hard to take it away!

During Your Session

expect to:

  • Spend 60-90 minutes with me.
  • Snuggle the heck out of that baby and the rest of your family members!
  • Lay on the bed together.
  • Sit on the floor of your rooms.

A Few Favorite Resources For You!

My photography services give my clients beautiful images, giving them a greater sense of well-being and happiness. Explore some of the tips and advice below to enhance your own experience. 

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