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What Should Dad Wear to a Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

One of the top questions I get asked after a client books is: “What should dad wear to a lifestyle newborn session?” Since this is a question I get so often, so I figured let’s talk about it in a blog post! When you book a lifestyle newborn session with me, I will send a style guide with lots of tips on what mom, baby, siblings, and yes, even what dad should wear.

So, what exactly should dad wear to a lifestyle newborn session?

Before I get into specifics, the first rule is dad should be comfortable. Lifestyle newborn photography sessions take place in the comfort of your family’s home, and take a more relaxed approach, so there is no need to dress up too fancy!

man in grey shirt holding his baby boy, Branford CT Newborn photographer
man in blue shirt holding his newborn baby, Blog post titled What Should Dad Wear to a lifestyle newborn session, CT newborn photographer

Dads should keep it as basic and simple as possible.


  • Wear neutral colors, like greys, off-white, creams, tans or blues.
  • Wear a light cotton t-shirt, a fitted henley or simple button down shirt.
  • Wear jeans, or khaki pants.
  • Go barefoot, or solid colored socks.


  • No bright or bold colors!
  • Avoid all black, or all white.
  • Graphic tees, or shirts with logos, as these can be very distracting.
  • No shorts please! Men photograph much nicer in pants. 🙂
fathers holding their newborn babies, Blog post for CT Baby photographer called What should dad wear to a lifestyle newborn session

Don’t forget that it will be warm in your home!

Babies get cold very easily, and a cold baby is an unhappy baby. So, I will have you crank that heat, especially if its winter. If dad gets warm easily, he may want to opt for something short sleeved.

A lot of times when I get to a newborn session, dads have several options out, and together we pick the best one. So, don’t worry dads, I got you covered!

man in grey shirt holding his baby boy, Branford CT Newborn photographer

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