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My interests are simple: coffee, workouts, and being outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. There’s nothing like getting up early to photograph the sun rising over the CT shoreline. I enjoy taking high school senior portraits, lifestyle newborn photography, and capturing family gatherings in beautiful settings. My goal as a family photographer in Connecticut is to provide easy and comfortable portrait sessions as well as timeless, lasting images.

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5 Things To Bring To Your Senior Session

Senior Tips

After doing a whole lot of senior sessions these past few years, I’ve figured out there are a few things that every senior should bring with them to their session. Seniors are BUSY! Between school, sports, jobs, and extracurricular activities, I thought a nice little checklist would be helpful to have. I’ve come up with a list of 5 things to bring to your senior session:

girl sitting on a sidewalk, Urban senior photography session in Old Saybrook, CT

1) Your Outfits! ✅

While this may seem obvious, I’d like to go over a few things to remember. When you book a session with me, I will send you a complete What-To-Wear Guide, but generally, seniors should bring anywhere from 2 to 4 outfits, ranging from casual to a bit more dressy.

I ask all my seniors to text me pics of outfits they are considering. If we can’t decide, I always tell the senior to please,


I absolutely LOVE to look at everything you bring, and I can tell you what will look good. 🙂

  • A casual look for the girls – Think simple jeans and a cute tank top (or two!), a cropped t-shirt, or other cute casual top, with white sneakers. A cute, sundress with nice sandals or a simple wedge is also perfect, and a denim jacket looks great with this. Be you, and what you like and feel comfortable in.
  • A casual look for the guys – Jeans with a basic, solid colored T-shirt (no athletic logos), or collared polo shirt that fits you well in a solid color will work. A solid colored, long sleeve t-shirt that is new, washed and wrinkle free is perfect. Khaki shorts, a simple three-button shirt, and/or a nicer crisp button down for a cleaned up look, is also great and for shoes, you can wear sneakers or boat shoes.
three teenagers casually dressed, blog post for 5 things to bring to your senior session
teenagers at the beach, CT Shoreline Senior photographer
  • For the girls – A lot of girls end their session with the classic white dress and bare-feet if we are at the beach. But you can wear anything that is a bit more dressy, like black jeans, a crew neck sweater and wedge heels, or a more structured dress. I had one girl bring her prom dress with heels, and she looked incredible!
  • For the guys – A button down, khaki pants with a v-necked sweater or a jacket looks great. Or even just a sweater with a T-shirt underneath. For shoes, you can wear loafers or boat shoes.
teenage girls in pretty dresses, Madison CT Senior photographer


This one is so important I had to capitalize it. 🙂 If you look at my photos, you can see that I like to “backlight” my subjects, which means the sun will be behind you. While this creates those gorgeous light-filled images that I love so much, they also highlight every stray hair on your head. I am not kidding! And while photoshop can help, it’s a very time-consuming and tedious thing to do. Hairspray helps.

3) Brush or Comb. ✅

This goes with #2 – it’s all about taming those flyaways! And if it’s windy, having a brush or comb can be critical!

teenagers at the beach, CT Shoreline Senior photographer

4) Bug Spray. ✅

Sessions are usually done an hour before sunset. We are either at the beach, or in a field somewhere. Bugs are usually everywhere. Bug spray is our friend. The bugs are not.

5) Someone. ✅

Usually it will be your mom, and she will be a huge help to both you and me. Besides carrying around all your stuff, she will help you when you need to change, grab the brush, comb or hairspray when needed and be your biggest fan and cheerleader. It’s a big deal for her to see her baby getting senior pics taken.

Feel free to bring a friend too! Friends make you laugh, and bring out the best smiles.

mom and her teenage daughter at the beach, two teenage boys at the beach, 5 things to bring to your senior session. CT senior photographer

So there you have it! Your go-to list of 5 things to bring to your senior session. You’ll be feeling prepared, relaxed, and ready to rock your session with ease.

To get in touch with me about a senior session of your own, click below. I’d love to chat!


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