A Very Warm Welcome


Welcome to my booked maternity client page. Over the next few weeks/months I will be prepping for your session. For me that means: keeping my gear tuned up, continuing to shoot daily to hone my skills, and answering any questions you might have! You may have popped over to my Maternity Portfolio already to check out some past clients and gather ideas. Below I am highlighting a few blog posts to check out in preparation for your maternity session

Linda xo

Session Outfits

Begin planning your family outfit.

Think of 2-3 complimentary colors.

Pair your chosen colors with lots of neutrals.

One person in patterns works best.

Don't forget shoes!

Session Location

Start to think about your location.

Do you have a special session place in mind?

Are you a beach person, or are you picturing fields and flowers?

*Keep in mind that all my sessions generally start about an hour before sunset!

Session Specifics

Think about what you want me to capture.

Any must have images?

What's most important to your family for this session?

Don't know what you want? That's ok too!

Yay! The day has arrived! Parents can sometimes feel ultra-stressed on the day of, after all, trying to coordinate naps, snacks, moods and outfits would exhaust anyone. The biggest tip I can give is: try not to feel stressed. Easier said than done, I know!

What feel chaotic to you will capture just fine on my camera. Rambunctious energy is welcomed and so much better than robotic smiles! Kids feed off their parents energy, so try to keep the mood relaxed and calm, and don't stress about anyone's behavior. 

On The Day Of Your Session

  • Your session is scheduled according to sunrise or sunset. Please be ready to go at start time! This may mean leaving earlier than you think to leave time for outfit changes, snack breaks, nursing and diaper changes after you arrive.

  • Plan to bring and apply bug/tick spray for the entire family!

  • If you feel your children may need some "treat incentives" please bring something that is low mess and neutral colored. Great examples would be: mini marshmallows and smarties.

  • Make sure to bring water bottles! We will be moving around and your kids will likely get thirsty. 


My sessions are very relaxed and moment focused. I will spend a couple minutes at the beginning trying to capture a few frames with everyone looking and smiling but the bulk of my sessions are focused on your family’s connection with one another. 

Every couple feels a bit nervous about being photographed for their maternity photos. For most, this is the first time since their wedding! I promise I will keep it light and fun so you feel relaxed and comfortable.  

During Your Session


  • Longer, flow-y dresses with movement photograph very well!
  • Avoid black and dark navy as they hide your bump completely.
  • A long dress allows you to wear comfortable flats!
  • Think about the season and plan to wear a color that pops against your backdrop. Email me for suggestions.

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