A Very Warm Welcome

I am so excited to be photographing your family!

Welcome to my booked extended family client page. Over the next few weeks/months I will be prepping for your session. For me that means keeping my gear tuned up, continuing to shoot daily to hone my skills, and answering any questions you might have!

You may have popped over to my extended family portfolio already to check out some past clients and gather ideas. Take a look at a few resources below to check out in preparation for your family session.

Linda xo

Session Outfits

Choose a color scheme that's easy for everyone

Select 2-3 Neutral colors (navy, white, charcoal, grey, black, tan), and have everyone wear a variation of them that suits their individualtity

Avoid everyone looking the same. For example, avoid everyone in jeans and white shirts or everyone in black and white.

Don't forget shoes!

Session Specifics

Think about what you want me to capture.

Any must have images?

What's most important to your family for this session?

Don't know what you want? That's ok too!

Session Location

Start to think about your location.

Do you have a special session place in mind?

*Please keep in mind all my sessions generally start about an hour before sunset!

Yay! The day has arrived! Adults can sometimes feel ultra-stressed on the day of, after all, trying to coordinate outfits, moods, and naps and snacks for kids would exhaust anyone. If the day of your session is a big event, such as a party, this can also add to the stress level. The biggest tip I can give is: try not to feel stressed. Easier said than done, I know!

What feel chaotic to you will capture just fine on my camera. Rambunctious energy is welcomed and so much better than robotic smiles! Kids feed off their parents energy, so try to keep the mood relaxed and calm, and don't stress about anyone's behavior.

On The Day Of Your Session

  • Prepare smaller children by telling them that a friend will be taking pictures of you and them, and that it's going to be FUN! Remember that children aren't usually fond of being posed or told to smile. I will do my best to coax smiles but please don't worry if small children aren’t looking at me. It’s ok for kids to be looking at mom or dad or even kissing them. As long as they’re interacting with one another or my lens, and not vaguely looking at nothing, the photo will be fabulous!
  • For the Adults - Do your best to continue looking at me and smiling, even if I am trying to get your kid's attention. If adults are picture-ready at all times, then chances are greater I will get one with the kids smiling too.
  • If small kiddos are having a hard time, try and think of something that will bring their attention back to the family. Do they like piggy-back rides? A special song? Would they listen to you tell a story?


My sessions are very relaxed and free-spirited. I will spend the beginning of our session photographing the whole group. This is the money shot. The reason we are all here.

From there, each individual family will take a turn being photographed, leaving them each with a handful of updated family photos. From there I photograph grandparents and grandchildren, adult siblings, couples and any other requested combinations. Once I've got all the groupings in the bag, we can relax! If everyone is still happy and having fun, I'll keep shooting.

If kiddos are having a hard time try to think of something that will bring their attention back to the family. Do they like piggy-back rides? A special song? Would they listen to you tell a story?

Being present and and playful with your kids will result in a gallery that looks and feels like your unique and beautiful family! 

During Your Session

expect to:

  • Help your family know what to expect by passing along important information from the photographer. Let them know that I'll get the most important images and those involving the youngest children done first while I still have their attention.
  • Let them know that each individual family will have their own family "mini-session" and depending on the number of people, individual shots of each of their own children.
  • This will help them stay more relaxed since they will know what to expect and how best to keep their family focused.

A Few Favorite Resources For You!  

My photography services give my clients beautiful images, giving them a greater sense of well-being and happiness. Explore some of the tips and advice below to prepare for your session!

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