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My interests are simple: coffee, workouts, and being outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. There’s nothing like getting up early to photograph the sun rising over the CT shoreline. I enjoy taking high school senior portraits, lifestyle newborn photography, and capturing family gatherings in beautiful settings. My goal as a family photographer in Connecticut is to provide easy and comfortable portrait sessions as well as timeless, lasting images.

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5 Tips To Look Your Best in Your Next Family Photos {Connecticut Photographer}

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You’ve booked your session, and selected the location for your family photo shoot. Great! Family pictures are one of the best ways to document you and your loved ones. With a little planning before heading into your session, you can be sure that your family will look their best. So, here are a five tips to help you look and feel your best at your next session.

1. Choose clothing that’s comfortable, as well as flattering.

I offer lots of tips on what to wear to help your family look their best, when you book a session with Linda Sobolewski Photography. I have put together a whole Style Guide, and offer complete styling assistance with each of my sessions, to help your family look their best. Some key tips to remember are:

  • Be sure your family coordinates, but doesn’t match. 
  • Stay away from large logos and distracting graphics and characters.
  • Layers and textures, such as scarves, vests and headbands, etc, can make the difference in family sessions that look great, and sessions that look wow.

But ultimately, and most importantly, you want to make sure that on the day of your photo session, nothing in your clothing bothers you so you can stay happy and relaxed.

family of four playing at the park, Tips on how to look good for your family photo session

2. Be sure everyone is well-rested and well-fed.

Ideally, the best lighting for a photo session is the hour before the sun sets, and the time I always recommend. But in the summer this can be quite late, and conflict with bedtimes for younger children. A tired child is often a cranky child! Consider a session in the fall when sun set times are earlier. Want some tips to keep your child up sunset family photos? Click here!

Likewise, make sure everyone is well fed. If you plan on having dinner after the session, make sure everyone has a healthy snack beforehand.

mom and dad giving their little girl a flower, CT Family Photographer, Tips to Look Your Best

3. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get ready.

This may sound like an obvious one, but by giving yourself plenty of time, the whole family will feel less rushed, less stressed, and more relaxed. Moms are usually the ones doing the all running around, trying to make sure everyone is ready and looks good. But my experience with family photo sessions is, the more relaxed and happy mom is, the more relaxed and happy her whole family is.

One of my favorite photo sessions I ever did, was when the mom gave herself the time to get her hair blow dried several hours before her family’s session. As a result, she felt pretty and confident, and this reflected onto her whole family. We had such a fun time together that afternoon.
And that’s another tip – moms, treat yourself, and book yourself a blow-dry!

family of five walking together in a field, Lyme CT Family photographer

4. Prepare the kids.

Prepare your children for your session by telling them that a friend will be taking pictures of you and them, and that it’s going to be FUN! Please, don’t threaten, as they usually bring about tears and added stress. A great idea to get the kids ready is to show them past pictures of themselves. It’ll remind your kids that getting their pictures taken is great way to be silly. and be a part of a fun activity that they will actually enjoy.

Not only is this a fun thing to do, but they’ll also be less likely to be nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera on actual picture day.

children playing at a park, Tips to look your best for a family photo session, CT Best family photographer

5. Have fun.

Of all the tips to look your best, this one is the best of all. The best photos, come from families having fun together. When you are having fun together, it’s so easy for me to capture those real, genuine smiles. It’s so easy to capture the magical love and connection of your family, which I guarantee will be your favorite photos of all.

I often facilitate games and sing songs to help everyone relax and engage with each other. If you have favorite games or books at home that you love, bring them! Come ready to toss your child into the air, play ring-around-the-rosie, give eskimo kisses and gentle tickles. Dad, give mom a kiss on the cheek and watch how she smiles, as the kids giggle. Mom, tell your husband how handsome he looks, and watch how he lights up.

I hope you enjoyed reading through these tips to help you and your family look your best for your next family photo shoot!

family hugging each other at the park. CT Best Family photographer

To get in touch with me about a session of your own, click below. I’d love to chat!

Linda Sobolewski is an on-location, natural-light, professional photographer specializing in seniorsbabyfamily & children photography.

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