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Posing Tips For Moms and Her Children – Family Photographer Near Me

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With Mother’s Day not too far off, I thought this would a great time to offer a few posing tips for moms and her children. After all, not only do moms want to be in the photo with their babies. They actually deserve to be in the photo with their babies.

I understand about wanting to look your best in those photos. What is it about a camera pointed at us that brings up any insecurities we might have about ourselves? I completely understand. I’m a photographer who’s obsessed with making sure moms (including myself) get into the frame with their children.

So, whether you’re having dad snap some photos for you on vacation, for mother’s day, or for any day of the year you want photos with your kids, here are three posing tips for moms.

Posing Tip for Moms #1: Angle your body to the camera while avoiding the “double arm wrap.”

The most common thing moms do when posing with two or more kids is they stand between their children and wrap an arm around each child. When we are square with the camera, or our bodies are straight on, we look our widest. Not to mention adding on making ourselves wider by spreading our arms out to go around our children.

For a more flattering pose, turn towards one child and hug them into with both arms, ensuring your body is angled towards the camera. If you had multiple children let them wrap around you. Don’t worry that you seem like you’re picking a favorite child or that someone will feel left out. You’ll still be all snuggled in to each other. You can also, always switch directions of your hugs to mix up the poses.

mom in blue dress hugging her two girls, CT Family photographer, posing tips for mom

Posing Tip for Moms #2: Get your faces up close to each other.

I like to tell families to forget about any personal bubbles when I’m photographing them. What feels like a natural gap when hugging someone, it will feel large in an image. To look more connected in your images, get those faces right up close, even touching.

Mom, you can tickle your child’s cheek with your nose, or go cheek to cheek with them to make sure you’re getting close enough.

moms hugging their children, posing tips for moms with Madison, CT photographer

Posing Tip for Moms #3: Get moving!

Keep your photos fun and get real smiles out of both you and your children when you get moving. Twirl them, dance, tickle them like crazy. You’ll forget you’re being photographed and so will your kids.

That’s it. Three simple posing tips for mom and her children. Whether you try them out yourself or are preparing for your session with me, these tips will help you feel your best in front of the camera, all while giving you connected and beautiful photos with your kids.

Now you’re ready to hand off that camera, or book a family session, feeling confident that you will look your best!

mom in pink shirt spinning her daughter around, CT Family photographer

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