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My interests are simple: coffee, workouts, and being outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. There’s nothing like getting up early to photograph the sun rising over the CT shoreline. I enjoy taking high school senior portraits, lifestyle newborn photography, and capturing family gatherings in beautiful settings. My goal as a family photographer in Connecticut is to provide easy and comfortable portrait sessions as well as timeless, lasting images.

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How to Choose The Right Photographer For Your Family

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If you’re newly pregnant, or had a child during the pandemic, you may not have hired a family photographer before. The search to find the right photographer can be overwhelming!

Lucky for you, I am about to give you some insider tips on where to choose the right photographer for your family!

5 Steps To Choosing The Right Photographer: Hint, it’s not the same person for every family!


If you don’t have a specific photographer in mind (someone you know, a personal recommendation), the first thing you’ll want to do is head to google. Finding someone who is local and familiar with spots near where you live is key!

Think about the type of photography you are searching for: “family”, “newborn”, or “high school senior” for example. Use local keywords to search for these types like: “CT Shoreline family photographer”, “CT Senior photographer”.

Google searches for CT Photographers

Open 5-10 in separate tabs so you have something to compare. Things you’re looking for:

  • Do they shoot indoors or outdoors?
  • Are they a posed/studio photographer or relaxed on-location?
  • Do they have a lot of images with kids the age of yours?
  • Do they take mostly images of everyone smiling at the camera or not?
  • Are props incorporated into their work?

Make sure the answers to these questions aligns with your personal style!


An active, professional photographer is pretty much required to have a social media presence these days. Instagram is a great way to get a further peek into the top 2-3 photographers you narrowed down to from your google search!

Check out their most recent work by looking at their grid. See their personality and what they find funny with their stories/memes they share.

More than half of finding the right photographer for your family is finding a personality match!

Instagram Mockup, CT shoreline photographer


Searching online is a great first step, but nothing beats talking to the final considerations. Make note of how responsive they are, whether they fit into your budget, and whether you feel the communication you’ve received is personalized.

If you’re investing in someone you hope to build a relationship with yearly, you want to make sure their communication style jives with yours!


Still unsure about investing with someone you don’t personally know? Google reviews can help reassure you! Look to see if any reviews are poor…and if so, why? Look to make sure there are recent reviews as well. If all of them are five years ago, that’s a red flag.

Google reviews for photographers, CT Shoreline Photographer


Home pages are great but a photographer’s gallery or portfolio will be where you want to spend the most time. If you’ve narrowed it down to your final two choices: go to their portfolio page for family, newborn, high school seniors….or whatever genre you’re looking for. Scroll through and make a note of *how many* images you love. It should not be 1-2. You should love dozens (if not all) of the gallery images for the photographer you choose.

family of four laughing together, CT Family Photographer
baby in pink shirt, CT Newborn Photographer, How to Choose The Right Photographer For Your Family
girl with blonde hair at the beach, CT High School Senior Photographer, How to Choose The Right Photographer For Your Family

When you’ve found the right photographer for you: Book Them!

This may seem like an overwhelming process when you’re first starting. But just think! If you do the research and find the *right* fit the first time, this is the only time you’ll have to go through this. You’ll begin cultivating a relationship with a photographer who is the perfect fit for your family from the get-go.

Happy Hunting!

XO- Linda

To get in touch with me about a CT Family, Newborn or High School Senior session of your own, click below. I’d love to chat!


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